Case Studies

Alex Reece

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Name: Alex Reece

Occupation: Engineering Manager

Company: Confidential

“Mirdin could charge 10x more and it would still be worth it. You do the math from the perspective of what you pay an engineer. If I say that Mirdin makes the engineer 10% more effective or 5% more effective, it would be worth 5% of their one year salary, easily. And Mirdin charges less than that by a large margin.”


Main Challenges of his Team:

  • Had a strong engineer who had limited opportunities to learn and grow as a full engineer
  • Had an engineer who lacked formal training in the fundamentals of building composable software but had a strong desire to learn


After They Took the Course:

  • The first engineer became much more confident, was able to take on bigger projects, and felt more engaged.
  • The second engineer managed to quickly onboard and ramp up into a full engineer, able to take on much more interesting problems.


"... teaching them how to write better code is something that requires the level of precision teaching that I don't frequently have the time to do as engineering manager or the context of what they're doing to get them as engineering manager. And with Mirdin, I can trust that they'll be done right.