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Personalized coaching that lets you go to the next level in the quickest time possible.

From $220.00 USD/h 

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Interactive Cohort

Join up to 20 others in an intensive 12-week course, taking you from intermediate to senior.

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Code Dojo

Follow-up course exclusive to alumni.

Dive deeper into the fundamentals of programming by studying topics such as type-theory, object-encodings, testing, etc.

Small group of up to five people, all sessions are live and interactive.

Email us at [email protected] to register interest.

$4,990 USD

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Arch Engineer

Lessons on how to write better code directly in your inbox.

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Software Design Quiz

5 really hard software design questions Less then 1% get all five correct.

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Jimmy on the coRecursive podcast

Listen to Jimmy talk about Advanced Software Design and how to practice software engineering on the show coRecursive

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Linguistic Antipatterns (LAs) in software systems are recurring poor practices in the naming, documentation, and choice of identifiers in the implementation of an entity, thus possibly impairing program understanding.

This website is dedicated to cataloging types of linguistic antipatterns and discussing the deeper reasons they cause problems and how to fix them.

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