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Get personal feedback on the design exercises.

Bonus Exercises

The Advanced Software Design Bonus Exercises complement our flagship program with drills, case studies, and design tasks. 

Included Exercises

Hidden Layer of Logic
  - LESSON: The DIF Model of Bugs
  - LESSON: Case Study: Android Main Thread
  - LESSON: Code vs. Logical Correctness
Embedded Design Principle
  - LESSON: The Fast Inverse Square Root
  - LESSON: Correct by Construction Program Derivation
The Representable/Valid Principle
  - LESSON: Case Study: Elasticsearch
  - LESSON: Design Exercise: Minesweeper
The Data Over Code Principle
  - LESSON: Interactive Fiction
Algebraic Refactoring
  - LESSON: Defunctionalization
Future Proofing Code
  - LESSON: Design Exercise: Full Names, Evil Edition
  - LESSON: Assumptions Drill