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Unit 1 | The Hidden Layer Of Logic + Bonus Exercise

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Preview | First lesson Unit 1: A Story About Stories

*Code vs. Logical Correctness is normally sold in the Bonus Exercises pack.


What People Are Saying:

This is the best software design course I've ever taken and which I'm currently enrolled in! Unit 1 (out of a total of 6 units) in itself is worth the cost of the course. It gave me an immense understanding of some of the core aspects of software design, and it helped me tie my own mathematical training to software design. The wealth of practical, useful, and actionable knowledge you can garner from this course will help you level up your skill as a software developer. Ever read or heard about "Hoare Logic" somewhere but never knew how to put it to practical use in your daily job? Well, then, this course is for you. Ever spent hours in the debugger but also wondered if there was a better way to write software so that you don't end up spending so much time debugging? This course is for you. Seriously, just go take this course. You can thank me later! :)

Vishal Lama, Senior Software Engineer, ACELR

As a tech lead at Google, I have always been trying to improve my software design skills. I decided to sign up for Jimmy’s class after looking at the overview of its content. Jimmy is a fantastic instructor. He spends a lot of time reviewing my homeworks & answering questions. The reading materials & exercises are top notch. Before Jimmy’s class, I had vague ideas of how to write code “the right way.” After this class, I have a lot more clarity in terms of writing good code and designing better software. I find myself better at articulating my design rationale, and having easier time aligning people’s opinions on difficult decisions. My colleagues also said they noticed my code reviews are a lot more objective and convincing.

Ned Nguyen, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google

After working 1-on-1 with Jimmy years ago, I had both of my engineers take Mirdin’s course recently. Since taking the course, I have sensed during design reviews that their understanding of software design has greatly elevated. As a result of their improved understanding and communication, we now routinely achieve better clarity on a design in 15 minutes than we previously could in an hour.

Yoonseo Kang, CEO, Guidebolt Robotics

Don’t repeat yourself. Don’t use magic numbers in your code. As experienced developers, we’ve all heard advice like this. We have decent intuition for “good” code. After watching Jimmy’s Strange Loop presentation and his explanation of citrus advice, I realized that much of the software design tips available have some truth embedded in them, but are imprecise. There are deeper truths for those who want to find them. Jimmy created a set of principles that we can use to build better software. From his principles, advice like those above can be derived and understood. The course is challenging, but Jimmy will go out of his way to make sure you grasp the material. After the first week of the course, I noticed improvements in my code. By the middle of the course, I was more aware of all the decisions I was making when writing code, and I started changing some of my old habits. I particularly enjoyed the refactoring exercises and one-on-one coaching sessions. If you are committed to improving your software design skills, work with Jimmy.

Bryan Andrade, CTO, Atlas Health

I’ve learned more from the first 2 weeks of Mirdin’s course than from 2 years of grad school

Dennis Lumpkins, Principal Engineer, T-Mobile

I was fired from a FAANG and told I would never reach the next level, but somehow got hired to that level at a different FAANG anyway. But it’s thanks to Jimmy I was able to perform at that level. Within months, I had senior employees assuming I must have been there for years, and was exceeding manager expectations. The only explanation for my improvement is working with Jimmy.

Amir, Software Engineer, New York City