Case Studies

João Forja

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Name: João Forja

Occupation: Software Developer

Company: Self-Employed


 “I went from $70/hour to $100/hour, and that’s like a 42% increase. The knowledge I gained gave me the confidence to ask for a higher rate because I realized what I know now because of this software design course. I know am capable of doing…. which is not something you find just anywhere.”

Before the Software Design Course:

  • Under-confident in abilities and worth in the software engineering market.
  • Struggled with understanding advanced software design concepts.
  • Perceived as intermediate, not reaching senior-level expertise and authority.
  • Uncertain about freelancing success.
  • Believed knowledge and abilities were common and easily replicated.

After the Software Design Course:

  • Negotiated a 42% increase in hourly rate with confidence.
  • Mastered advanced software design principles.
  • Transitioned successfully to a more senior-level role.
  • Thrived as a freelancer.
  • Realized that his newfound unique and valuable knowledge was not easily found.
  • Better equipped to effectively navigate emerging technologies like GPT-4.